Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work. Oil drilling sites, pipelines, and building sites in the news often because of catastrophic accidents.

Texas law allows people injured to recover for injuries suffered on construction sites as the result of the negligence of another. Often times, construction site accidents are the result of failures to comply with OSHA regulations regarding workplace safety. Others accidents are caused by failures or defects in the equipment used in construction activities, or because of poor training of workers by subcontractors.

While we do not handle worker’s compensation matters, we can help if your employer does not carry worker’s compensation insurance, or where the injuries were caused by the negligence of a third party (not your employer or co-worker). In any event, I can will determine responsibility for the accident and work hard to get you the money you deserve. If you or a loved one have been injured, or a loved one killed in a construction site accident, the attorneys at Arthur J. Gonzalez P.C. can help you in this time of need. The consultation is without cost at no obligation to you.