Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 – Legal Representation

Key Documents

Summary of Arturo J. González Video

  1. Arturo J. Gonzalez CV

  2. Ethiopian Pilot Pleaded for Training After Lion Air Boeing 737 Max Crash

  3. Open Letter to the Victims’ Families of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET-302

  4. Ethiopian MAX Crash Simulator Scenario Stuns Pilot

  5. Before Ethiopian Crash, Boeing Resisted Pilots’ Calls

  6.  Boeing 737 Max – What happened when one US pilot asked for more training

  7.  Boeing Max Failed to Apply Safety Lesson From Deadly 2009 Crash

  8.  Boeing relied on single sensor for 737 Max that had been flagged 216

  9. Former Boeing Engineers Say Relentless Cost-Cutting Sacrificed Safety

  10. FAA administrators face US lawmakers on Boeing 737 Max

  11. FAA Updates on Boeing 737 MAX

  12. Testimony – Statement of Daniel K – FAA

  13. Amharic Audio Translation of Gonzalez Video Presentation

  14. Reflections Boeing

  15. Crisis Control – Aviation Week

  16. The Boeing 737 MAX MCAS Explained Aviation Week

  17. Boeing Didnt Tell Southwest Or FAA That It Had Disabled Critical Safety Alerts On 737 MAX

  18. Boeing Did Not Fix MAX AOA Warning Issue Found in 2017 Aviation Week

  19. Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau Preliminary Report  Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority

  20. His Excellency Honorable Fitsum Arega – Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States

  21. Boeing CEO admits the company made a ‘mistake’ in 737 Max Jets

  22. FAA identifies new potential risk on 737 MAX

  23. History of MCAS development

  24. On June 24, 2019, Ethiopian Dignitaries along with the Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States engage in discussions with Houston Attorneys concerning International Trade possibilities.

  25. Worrying: The Boeing 737 MAX Has Hit Another Design Flaw

  26. FAA Orders Angle Of Attack

  27. Boeing CEO admits the company made a ‘mistake’ in 737 Max jets