Offshore injury claims

With the advent of technology over the past 40 years, our oil economy has experienced a tremendous rise in offshore drilling. It has become commonplace to build “huge floating cities” in the middle of our oceans accommodating vast armies of workers inhabiting the offshore rigs for weeks at a time before being relieved by another crew.

With this difficult work schedule come mistakes which oftentimes lead to workplace accidents resulting in serious injuries to workers, usually more than one. More often than not, there are a series of events preceding the accident which when accumulating rapidly – one after the other – result in a major catastrophic disaster leading to many severe injuries, loss of life, and enormous ecological damage to our environment.

These catastrophic disasters on the high seas just don’t happen by themselves. They happen because someone was not paying attention to what they were supposed to do, or a piece of equipment malfunctioned. Many times catastrophic events occur as a result of a combination of negligent conduct and product failure. There are other times where the product failure results from the negligent acts or omissions of others.

Time and time again, these failures cab be traced to a combination of factors such as organizational influences, unsafe supervision, preconditions for unsafe acts, the unsafe acts themselves, or a deadly combination of one or more of these factors.

If you, a family member or close friend have been injured in an offshore accident, we can help you through the tough times.