Personal Injuries

In this life, we are all required to conduct ourselves within the standard of care of a reasonable person; driving vehicles, boats, and maintaining our homes and offices. However, the failure to act as a reasonably prudent person is one of the most “normal” things we encounter in daily life. People are human beings and therefore make mistakes. But, if the mistakes, errors or negligence of one causes personal injury or damage to another, those who conducted themselves in a negligent manner may be found legally liable and financially responsible for the personal injuries and damages proximately caused by their negligence.

Arthur J. Gonzalez P.C. is an experienced and qualified association of legal professionals who will fight for the rights of those who have suffered injuries because of the negligence of others. Our team has successfully represented thousands of people who have sustained various types of personal injuries throughout Texas, and across the United States. In addition to our attorneys, and dedicated staff, the firm has many valuable resources available to properly represent personal injury accident victims.

The likelihood is that you or one of your loved ones will be involved in an accident at some point in your lifetime. A pedestrian may slip and fall on a damages sidewalk, or may be hit or run over by a vehicle. A motorist driving a car or truck may get into a collision with another motorist driving an automobile. A truck or 18-wheeler may be involved in a serious accident with another vehicle. The personal injuries and damages sustained in many types of accidents can be extremely severe.

In the event of an accident where another party is at fault, please follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Call the police;
  2. Call an ambulance for any injury causing accident;
  3. Get immediate medical attention for any injuries sustained and always paramedics to transport injured parties to the hospital for care and treatment;
  4. Do not admit anything to any party without contacting Arthur J. Gonzalez P.C. law office;
  5. Exchange identifying information and insurance information with all parties;
  6. Never discuss the case with the liable party’s insurance adjusters, attorneys or representatives about the facts of the case unless and until we advise such discussions;
  7. Take pictures of the scene of the accident, the object causing the injury, and the injuries sustained
  8. Do not sign any medical release forms unless they are provided to you by Arthur J. Gonzalez P.C.
  9. Do not discuss the case with anyone; and
  10. Contact Arthur J. Gonzalez at 832-487-0880.

Negligence and accidents are bound to happen, and severe personal injuries will be sustained. When accidents happen, contact Arthur J. Gonzalez. I will fight hard to provide you with the best solution to your problem.