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As any Texan knows, the backbone of our state can be summarized in two words — Oil and Gas. While the chemical plants and oil and gas refineries are a valuable part of the state’s economy, they are also a source of accidents, some of which are more serious than others.

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In November 27, 2019, The Port Neches Chemical Plant experienced two explosions that injured 3 people. And put the lives of hundreds more at risk.

In the turn of the century, there have been numerous precautionary measures set in place and regulations passed and implemented to secure the safety of workers within this field, but just as the statement above mentions, accidents in the oil refinement industry is still pretty much a serious threat.

Arturo J. González P.C. understands the gravity of these accidents and how it affects the lives of hard working individuals like you. Inherent risks involved in the job such as falling off an oil or gas refinery, dealing with faulty machinery, or entanglement with tools and equipment are all apparent in the industry and can lead to immediate injuries, long term side-effects, or even death.

We take any form of injury in the oil refinement industry seriously. If an employer fails to provide an employee with the proper worker’s compensation, or if a third party is involved in the events that lead to such injury, Arturo J. González P.C. offers options to help you get the indemnification you need. We partner with some of the best workers compensation lawyers in Texas and refer them to you as we see fit. We know how serious your situation can get. And we won’t ever compromise your well-being for our own gain.

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We help you resolve all legal aspects of you case, including:

  • Finding medical treatment
  • Achieving a financial settlement
  • Working with the insurance company to seek adequate coverage

Your well-being is a high priority for us. Let Arturo J. González P.C. give you the legal assistance and protection you need for peace of mind in such troubling times. For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We are not afraid to be the voice of the victims and families and will not hesitate to go after large corporations who compromise safety in exchange for shareholder and bottom – line profits.

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