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Since the introduction of motor vehicles, auto accidents have become one of the most common forms of personal injury in the world. In Texas alone, approximately 12,100 serious personal injury crashes were recorded last 2018.

The trucking industry, in particular, is no stranger to this kind of accident. And while it is true that multiple changes have been made to company safety policies to minimize the occurrence of such accidents, experts and lawyers alike point to the fact that trucking companies fail to practice those policies opting to maximize profits instead of actual road safety.

crashed truck covered in snow

There are roughly 5,000 fatal trucking accidents that occur on a yearly basis.

There are numerous factors why vehicle accidents, particularly in the trucking industry, lead to serious or even fatal injuries. As stated before, safety policies aren’t being practiced by either the trucking company, the drivers, or both. It’s also worth noting the undeniable hazard that comes with such an occupation — fatigue. It’s no secret that truckers drive for long distances on a regular basis, mostly working with a fixed schedule. With such factors set in place, it’s easy to see why some (if not most) drivers go beyond the regulated driving time to meet those deadlines. This makes the driver more prone to accidents because one can only function properly for certain periods at any given time.

Common Causes of Accidents

  • Speeding
  • Blind spots
  • Overloading
  • Lack of sleep

Trucking and similar auto accidents may be common, but the cases can oftentimes become more complex than previously thought. Mostly due to underlying factors and situations. Further investigations are sometimes required and third-party entities might be involved. Victims are placed in a position where they are pulled into a web of technical complexities and financial risks, on top of the physical and mental trauma associated with the accidents all of which can become too much to bear.

back end of a truck stuck on a ditch
destroyed truck

It is imperative that as an experienced attorney, specializing in trucking and automotive accidents, represent you or someone you know and help you get the reparation and justice that you need. Arturo J. Gonzales P.C. works in your favor to investigate, analyze, and assist in getting the best settlement for you.

Give us a call today, and we’ll give you the assistance that you need to get the justice you deserve. Trucking companies will do what they can to minimize your claims and change the narrative. In those such instances, Arturo J. Gonzales P.C. is here to step in.

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