Wrongful Death

Accidents are common occurrences in our daily lives. Sometimes, such accidents, especially within the professional field, can range from minor bruises to serious damages that may result in the tragic loss of an individual’s life. Though such events cannot be fully anticipated, laws and regulations have been set in place to ensure that such mishaps are kept at a minimum.

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Neglect is Still a Huge Contributing Factor for Such Tragedies.

Wrongful death claims may occur in various situations, such as medical malpractice, administered tasks, and criminal behavior. The direct or indirect involvement of a third-party entity is necessary for a case to be considered as wrongful death. Neglect or an intention to harm should also be present for it to be legally considered.

In cases where a third party is involved in the untimely death of an individual as a result of negligence, the person involved can be held liable. Surviving members of the victim’s family can then seek justice by filing what is called Wrongful Death.

Factors constituting wrongful death

  • Death of an individual
  • Negligence caused by another
  • Survivors experience monetary injury
  • Representative for the decedent’s estate

While we cannot undo the events that led to your grief, Arturo J. Gonzales can aid you in claiming for loss in relation to filing for wrongful death. Words can never truly express the difficulty of losing someone you love. But a loss that resulted from a third-party’s negligence should be accounted for in the eye of the law.

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We have successfully helped clients obtain settlements

Let Arturo J. Gonzales P.C. give you the assistance required to help ease your burden. Our professionals investigate and seek solutions to meet time-sensitive deadlines associated with such cases that make you legally entitled to wrongful death compensation.

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