Offshore & Oilfield Accidents

With the advent of technology over the past 40 years, our oil economy has experienced a tremendous rise in offshore and oilfield drilling. But with such advancements come mistakes which oftentimes lead to workplace accidents resulting in serious injury to workers, and usually more than just one.

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Since 1970, there have been approximately 6,000 offshore accidents

Not only do those errors impose serious threats to an individual working offshore, but more often than not, those errors can lead to a series of events which can accumulate rapidly – one after the other – resulting in major catastrophic disasters leading to severe injuries, loss of life, and enormous ecological damage to our environment.

Disasters on the high seas don’t happen by themselves. Occurrences like these can be caused by a number of factors that include (but are not limited to) faulty equipment, lack of safety policies and procedures, the environment, or a combination of these variables. But by far, the most common cause of such disasters result from the negligence of an individual.

Human Factor Is Still the Leading Cause of Oilfield-related injuries.

With the steady increase in oil demand, the rate of accidents associated with this field is becoming evident and thus, an oilfield injury attorney is more important than ever. And with the oilfield industry already being complex in nature, partnering with professionals who have the knowledge and experience can make an enormous difference.

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